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Best Drones for Police

From the moment they came on the scene, the value of drones in law enforcement has been unequivocal. The advent of user-friendly professional drone packages especially has […]

Best Drones for Prisons/Correctional Facilities

The FAA has banned the use of drones over or in close proximity to correctional facilities, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening – drones are being […]

UAsidekick – The Future of LAANC Authorization

During our Northern California Public Safety event we got the chance to sit down and talk with Jason Cansler from UAsidekick. In this video, Jason highlights the […]

First Response Suite Edgybees – Hands On

The First Response suite comprises three different software application tools that enhance the situational awareness of pilots and commanders. At its core, Edgybees is software that displays [...]